We’re hiring!

Are you in Dunedin and looking to be part of a superstar photo printing team? We’re looking for someone to assist in our photo print studio for a few hours a week; with additional hours in the lead-up to Christmas.

Experience in the printing industry would be great, but it’s not essential and on the job training will be provided. We’re a small family-friendly team whose focus is on helping people tell their stories through quality photo prints.

HappyMoose is a small team based in Dunedin dedicated to delivering high quality, high-value photo print products and services primarily throughout New Zealand. Our customers chose us to print some of their most meaningful family photos which are shared across generations. We are privileged to be able to provide our customers with lasting prints and memories that have an emotional connection. We take personal responsibility for quality, and we do not let anything leave the workshop that we would not proudly display in our own homes.   

If you would like to know more, please contact Melanie, Operations Manager [email protected]