Get Crafty: Personalised Pen Holder

Looking for a fun little craft project? We’re sharing this fun project idea for creating a personalised pen holder using Wall Decals. This is a great one when you’re looking for a price-friendly handmade gift, something for the kids to make, or just something to personalise your desk.

What you need

  • Can – Baked Beans size or similar
  • Washi tape – note: I discovered not all Washi Tape is created the same; the cheaper tape I had didn’t stick to the can
  • Scissors
  • Set of 4×6″ Wall Decals

Step 1: Tape top of can

The first thing to do it run some tape around the top of the can and fold inwards. This gives a nice finish to the top of the can, but also adds some protection if your can opener leaves a sharp edge when you take the lid off the can (if needed you can run a second line of tape over top for added protection). One thing I noted above is that not all Washi Tape is created equal; I found that the cheaper tape I had didn’t stick very well. I had some Scotch Washi Tape which was quite wide and worked well for this project

Step 2: Tape back of can

A 4×6″ Wall Decal is not quite wide enough to fit around the can, so the next thing is to cover a part of the can – about 11cm. If you are doing this project with the kids you could get them to do a wee colouring and then tape/stick this onto the can, but in this case I just ran a few more strips of Washi Tape across the back of the can to cover it.

Step 3: Place decal on can

The final set is to simply peel the decal off the protective backing and stick it onto the can. The great thing about the Wall Decals is that they can be placed on a surface and removed and replaced multiple times, so if you, or the little person helping you, don’t get the decal in the correct position the first time it’s not a problem.

Finished product

And ta da! A personalised pen holder ready as a gift for Gran or Grandpa. The 4×6″ Wall Decals are sold in a set of 4, so you could have gifts for Uncle Jim and Aunty Sandy sorted too. And the best thing about this crafty project is that after the requisite length of displaying the crafty gift, Gran can peel the Wall Decal off the can and pop it on the wall or wherever else she’d like to display the photo.

If you have any suggestions for projects you’d like to see us try using HappyMoose products, please email [email protected] with details and we’ll give it a go!