Print Enhancement Service

Having one of our trained technicians manually check over your images is a great way to have peace of mind that your photos will print beautifully. Print Enhancement is an optional added service available for our fine art photo print products, such as fine art prints, wall decals and collage prints

With our print enhancement service, our print studio technicians review each photo and make some conservative adjustments to deliver the best possible print outcome.

This service costs $5.75 per project and is well worth it if you are unsure of the lightness, colour balance, saturation or shadows in your photo.

Why select the Print Enhancement Service?

  • If you feel your photos are too dark
  • If you’re unsure of the highlights and shadows in your images
  • If you’re concerned the subjects skin tone is too saturated or undersaturated
  • If you’ll be printing a large format print or wall dot/ decal and want peace of mind in the final product

Can you improve the resolution of my photo?

Unfortunately nothing can be done to improve the resolution of an image. The only option would be to select a smaller-sized print which can be done in the ‘change to’ settings of your HappyMoose project. (To read more about checking the resolution of your image, click here.)

Blurry photos are most likely a result of being snapped using the zoom setting on your phone. Zooming up to your subject reduces the crispness and quality of the photo. Our resident photographer, Melanie has a great saying ‘Zoom with your feet!’  i.e move physically closer to the subject and don’t pinch to zoom if you can help it.

The image on the left is crisp and clear, in comparison to the zoomed image on the right which is pixelated and will not print suitably.