Get creative with your Everyday photo book

Our Everyday photo book has been designed as a simpler and quicker way to create a photo book. All you need to do is upload your 41 photos and they will be automatically cropped and laid out in your new book.

If you want to get creative and make your book look a little different, then head over to Canva and get designing! A few tips:

  • When you create your design, search for Photo Book (8x8in)
  • Make use of the Templates for book page layouts. Upload your own images and drop them into your chosen template
  • Keep in mind that when your photo book is printed, a couple of mm are trimmed off each side: Do not put any text or important parts of your design right to the edge of the page.

When you have created all the pages for your book, download the images as PNG (high quality image) and upload them to your HappyMoose Everyday photo book for printing.