Giant Photostrips – set of 3

A question we quite often get is:

I really love the large giant photostrips with the four 20cm photos, but I only want one strip. Is it possible to just order one please instead of 3?

We would do this for you, as we love to make our customers happy, but you would actually end up paying the same price as for 3 strips. So you may as well get all three! Here’s why…

If you want the strip with 20cm square photos, the strip itself will be approx. 20x80cm.  The width of our paper roll is 60cm, and so the strip needs to be printed lengthways on the paper.  If we printed just one strip, we would need to charge for the full 80x60cm piece of paper. In order to give you the best value for money, we have made the larger Giant photostrip product so that you can upload 12 photos and get a set of three strips – maximising the use of the paper.